Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pit Stop

Gather round my small minded children, for I have a tale to tell. It has villains and heroes, romance and danger, but sadly, most of it involves you chavtastic lot in bars or in wet tee shirts, which ruins my story. Let us get on with this, shall we?

Koma: Yes, fish boy, you lines are carp, they reek. Your adventures seem to get closer and closer to bad fanfic porn. Get laid already.

Jan: As the token female, I acknowledge your breasts, then stop paying attention. I have no idea what you were going on about.

Bennett: I hate you for making me look at Scott tucked into bikini bottoms. Hate you long time.

Petrelli: Interesting effort, good team work, if being Emma’s pet monkey is teamwork.

Gyrobo: I will never look at a sandwich in the same way again.

So who is this week’s winner? It was pretty close, but despite making out with what seemed like half the bar, the first to the Pit Stop is Jan. Perhaps she has been gaining a time advantage not having to make sure her partner shows up with her. Xavier should look into that.

Who was last this week? What face will I not have to look at for another week?

Captain Koma.

You’ve made a nice run of it Captain, but you seem very preoccupied by young women who not long ago were in Disney and Nickelodeon movies/shows. To win a race, one must keep their eye on the finish line, not the groupies on the sidelines in tiny tank tops.



captain koma said...


Jan's was crap, Bennets was too long.

Petrelli shoulda won.

Gyrobo is just brilliant all the time. Sandwiches are golden.

Jan the Intergalactic Aviator said...

I won?

Here's my happy dance.

Want to see it again?

Nepharia said...

Koma, dood! I'm in Cancun and need someone to put sunblock on my body -- I'm inviting all losers to the beach for sun and alcohol! (dances around the night time beach party fire)

Mr. Bennet said...

Koma should have never left Australia. Though, I agree with him, Petrelli should have won, but I imagine they had to wait on his nipples to defrost before checking him in at the pit stop.

captain koma said...

if only that were true Nepheria, if only that were true.

Professor Xavier said...

In Simon's defense, he is English.

Congressman Nathan Petrelli said...

Ahhh. Jan won. Emma will not be pleased, but maybe I can blame it on the folks who checked us in at the pit stop. They were doing a lot of unnecessary pointing and laughing.