Sunday, October 5, 2008

Finish 3

Well, this week proved hard to pick both a winner and a loser, much competition for both slots. I feel like ripping off another show in announcing my pick, so lets do this like they do on Dancing with the Stars.

The first two to get to the finish line this week were, in no particular order,


Jan, Intergalactic Gladiator, lesser known sister of Jon!

Nathan Petelli, Congressman and most likely part of the current financial crisis!

In the middle we have Nephria, who did a very solid job of letting her partner perform all the work, she was close behind the leaders. Also impressing the crowds with his travel ability was Mr. Bennett.

The last two to reach the finish are

*red spotlight*

Vegeta, who was very light on details

Henchman, who apparently woke up in the wrong show

Gyrobo, you are back to confusing me and loosing me on your tangents, but you did manage to find your way to the end. Captain Koma, dude apparently looks like a lady, and you just managed to limp to the finish ahead of the others. Just.

So who made to the finish first, the one who will be victorious?

It is the black widow of mutant partners herself, Jan!

So who was last over the line? Who will now have a lot of free time on his hands?

That would Henchman.



Henchman432 said...

What, I was robbed.

captain koma said...

yes you waz

Mr. Bennet said...

By Henchman you mean Koma, right?

Jan the Intergalactic Aviator said...

That's Aviator, A-Vee-A-Tor, you plastic haired jackfracker.

Er, I mean I won! Tee hee, thanks you handsome cat.

Nepharia said...

Oh, bummer, Henchy. Please don't abandon us -- come back and harass the rest of us will you? It makes us feel loved.

Gyrobo said...

I'll plant a tooth in your name!