Sunday, October 12, 2008

Finish Line, Round 4

Let’s Get Critical

Vegeta: My brain needs bleach.

Jan: Wow, like Ground Hog Day, but not as good.

Koma: What happened with you again? Oh yeah, something with your sexy toy. It’s always nice to discover where you left those.

Gyrobo: Pirates and insurance fraud, what a delightful combination in a ‘nails down the blackboard’ sort of way.

Mr. Bennett: I like that you can multitask, but for that type of deal, perhaps a mightier soul should have been requested.

Nepharia: Has anyone ever told you that in a bike spandex outfit you look like Trent Reznor fron NIN?

Nathan: Excellent choice of soul to release. Not the best choice of bedmate, though.

The first person to the Pit Stop this week is Mr. Bennett. Which is good, you’ll need all the extra time you can get to breach Disney’s security system to get to the head. God’s speed on that task, my friend.

The last person to reach the Pit Stop is Vegeta. This is a race, time is precious, and you do loose a lot of it when you stop to shag an 18 year old version of your wife.



Professor Xavier said...

Ah well. I'm sure Vegeta will handle the loss with grace. Wolverine on the other hand might just go into a berserker rage. You might want to lay low for awhile, Simon.

Mr. Bennet said...


Professor Xavier said...

And now you get to Yield someone.

Vegeta said...

Oh well it was fun while it lasted. Back to the whiny teenagers, I go.

Wolverine said...


Jan the Intergalactic Aviator said...

Wow, too bad, Veggie. You were the one I thought would go all the way.

(All the way to 2nd place because I'm going to win, of course)

Nepharia said...

Congrats Bennet! Tough break Vegeta. Can I trade Havok for Wolverine? He's hot.