Sunday, October 19, 2008

AMR4 - Week 6 Challenge

Congratulations to Congressman Petrelli for finishing first along with his partner, the sexy Emma Frost. The very, very sexy Emma Frost. There’s one word that comes to my mind when I think of Emma Frost and that’s ‘sexy’. And hot. She is hot. And sexy. Sexy hot. Speaking of sexy hot, Nepharia was the last person to arrive and unfortunately, tragically, was eliminated, along with her mutant partner Havok, of course.

Before I tell you about the itinerary for this leg of the Race, there is a bit of housekeeping that has to be taken care of. It seems that Jan the Intergalactic Aviator dropped her mutant partner down a deep-sea chasm. Juggernaut has been rescued but he is currently suffering from severe oxygen deprivation. It is unknown at this point if there will be any permanent brain damage. As such, Jan needs a new teammate. Fortunately Nightcrawler has asked me, practically begged me really, to assign him. It seems he has a bit of crush on Jan. Frankly I’m just glad he’s expressing interest in someone of legal age finally. Nightcrawler will be Jan’s partner. Hopefully he will survive the experience. I carry large life insurance policies on all of the X-Men, so either way it will be alright, really.

The teams will start this leg of the race in throne room of Namor’s palace. From there the teams will race to the air-locks where they will be given an antidote for the water-breathing potion. They will then take the S.H.A.R.C. vehicles and race towards Orlando, Florida. There they must find the Courtyard Marriott hotel on Richard Petty Boulevard and land the vehicles in the parking lot.
Once there, NASCAR legend Richard Petty will provide the instructions for the Detour for this leg of the Race.

A Detour presents a choice between two tasks, each with their own pros and cons. Once a task has been completed, the contestants must then race to the Pit Stop. In this Detour, the teams must choose between Flirt and Shirt.

In Flirt, the teams will head to the hot singles club, Tabu. Once there, both members of each team must successfully flirt with the club patron of their choice or choices. A flirt is successful once a player has made out with the patron for one full minute. When both members of the team have kissed a club goer for a minute, they must then race to the Pit Stop.

In Shirt, the teams will race to Daytona Beach where it is always Spring Break. One member of each team must compete in a wet T-Shirt contest, judged by a mix of five drunk and horny college co-eds and the guest celebrity judge, Charlie Sheen. This challenge is open to both male and female contestants. If the player finishes in the top two, then the team will have successfully completed this challenge and can race to the Pit Stop.

The Pit Stop for this leg of the Race is back at the Courtyard Marriott where suites have been reserved for each team for the night. The first team to reach the lobby of the hotel will be the winner and, as always, the last team to arrive will be eliminated. The next leg of the race will then start the following morning. Posts are due by Friday at midnight, your local time. And remember, as I often tell my students, no one likes a loser.


captain koma said...

I must go and check on my box dvd set of two and a half men.

Jan the Intergalactic Aviator said...

Instead of Richard Petty, could we get a tour guide with all his teeth and no tobacco stains down the front of his shirt?

Professor Xavier said...

I'm really kind of sorry Dark Nepharia got knocked out before the wet T-Shirt contest.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

So who's getting the yield?

captain koma said...

must be no one

I like his lazy fair government

Mr. Bennet said...

I say Xavier gets yielded.

((I think the Nathan writer has been busy. Has anyone tried contacting her? I talked to her about posting on Burnt Toast, the blog, not the bread, on Sunday. So, she should still be kickin', I hope. Otherwise I'll need to find Agent Hanson and convince her to post Sunday!))

Professor Xavier said...

Hey! You can't Yield me!