Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Symbiote trouble

Building the rocket wasn't all that bad. While I admit I have no where near the technical skills of my wife Bulma I have enough for this at least, which is good since the instructions for this thing are in Portuguese. I even found ways to make Logan feel useful by cutting wire or cutting sheets of metal

Though something odd happened parts where no longer where I put them. I even found one with a bite in it." Hey Logan? I know you have metal bones but do you um eat metal?"

He looks up from sheet metal he's cutting. “What are ya flamin' goofy? I eat normal food." I show him the part with the bite mark in it. “Okay that's weird... hey bub where did the guidance system doo hickey go?"

We look around until we find or camera android hiding behind a box eating the guidance system. I had no other choice but to connect the android to the rocket as the guidance system.

And Logan decided to punish it by welding metal on it to make it look like a woman...

Either that or he's lonely.

I found some other parts around the ice station that'll do. When we get ready to launch Logan looks around nervously... “ya sure this is gonna work?"

“No." I answer.

“Well no one lives forever." The launch went off perfectly and landing on Starcore... not so much we slammed through outer hull. Stupid guidance android. Logan disconnected it and gave it back its camera. How do ya feel now?"

"Like taking over the world." the machine answers then Logan slaps it, and it starts singing "Jimmy Crack Corn".

This black goop from that the rocket picked up from the outer hull jumps on me, and...

We are Venogeta! We will crush those that are in the way of our goals. Starting with the Mutant, we begin planning our assault when the accursed mutant takes out a bottle of whisky from his seat on the rocket he drinks it takes out a lighter, and spits it on us. The alcohol ignites in the flickering fire...

The flames burn us ahhhhh! Damn what the hell was that?

“Symbiotes nasty flamin' buggers. They don't like fire so much though. Ya back wit' us Veg head?"

“Yes" I respond.

"Good. Let’s go get the next challenge." Imagine our surprise when we found out we had pretty much already did half of the challenge.

“So Veg head? What do the symboites want?" Logan growls.

“Chocolate" I shrug.

"Yer kiddin'" He shouts.

“No, and I have an idea....

So we received a much better ship this time, with out eaten parts, and after gathering the goopy creature, flew back to Earth. Logan made sure the symboite behaved.

I drop the tar like blob in front of the Chocolate Factory we visited in the last Amazing Mutant Race.

"I gotta bad feelin' about this bub.” Logan whines, as we return to Starcore.

“Why the man had candy that turned us both into women besides what's the worst that can happen?"



Jan the Intergalactic Aviator said...

Huh. Came all the way across space just for some chocolate.

Amazingly enough, I can relate.

Professor Xavier said...

Well at least they shouldn't be able to do much damage at Wonka's. Right?

captain koma said...

Hmm willy wonka as a symbiote. NOw there's a new role for Johnny Depp

Mr. Bennet said...

That's precisely the reason I chose Talk.

Nepharia said...

Mmmmmm...chocolate. We might be able to start a lucrative trade with your planet.