Monday, September 8, 2008

Get ready . .

Thank you all for coming. The race should be getting underway this coming Monday, September 15. At that time the entrance will be closed to new contestants.

Each contestant will be assigned a mutant partner. This is after all the Amazing Mutant Race. I have many eager X-Men and non-X-Men clamoring to be included. The assignments will be completely random. I promise.

The race will start here at the School for Gifted Students in Westchester, NY. The contestants will be given instructions on where they are to proceed to and any restrictions on travel. When they reach their destination, they will then be faced with the Detour challenge. A Detour is a presents a choice between two tasks, each with their own pros and cons. Once a task has been completed, the contestant must then race to the Pit Stop.

Simon will be the official judge of each leg of the race. He will keep track of the winners and losers. The winner of each leg gets to use a Yield, delaying the contestant of their choice for 30 minutes at the start of the next leg. The loser will be eliminated. The ultimate winner will claim the title of winner and will receive a wonderful virtual plaque to commemorate the moment.

As with any competition, the Amazing Mutant Race is about fun and creativity. And of course crushing the competition. Good luck everyone!


captain koma said...

Simon is the judge.

About time.

No more of that "Hey lets vote each other out." crap.

Its time to shine like a porcupine.

I'd have said Echidna but there isn't much that rhymes with Echidna

Wolverine said...

Yo Chuck? Can I kill the flamin' And I mean flaimin' if ya get my drift. heh heh. Devil kid. Ain't no one gonna miss 'im.

icequeen said...

hey can i join too?

Anonymous said...

I would say bite me but knowing you... you would do it and enjoy it...

so go to hell...

Hey Gramps

Wolverine said...

I ain't the one goin' around dressed like a Village Person Bub.

Sides I don't need ta bite ya like a sissy I got these

And I been ta Hell it was fun. I spit in yer daddy's eye.

Professor Xavier said...

Killing fellow contestants probably isn't right.