Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chuck's out to get me.

Ladies and Gents,

I have a feeling old Chuckie boy is out to get me. How else can you explain giving me Deadpool as a partner. Geeze, if I wanted to deal with a lame Spidey clone. I would have dig up Ben Reily.

I meet Deadpool and he keeps calling me "Bob"and trying to order me around. Normally, this wouldn't bug me. I'm a Henchman. It's what I do. However, Deadpool is not the boss of me,that and he keeps talking to me in LOLspeak. What is he the creator of 4chan?

Deadpool: Bob, goes get me cheeseburger.Iz hungray. Now Hooman.

I have my own answer for this.

After hitting DP reset button(IE:little boys) six times. He seems to have learned his place. We hop into the ford and drive. Canadian town of Moose Jaw located in the Saskatchewan province, here we come.
The ride seems to go smoothly,until DP start to act up again. I swear if there was a God, I could count on. I would be praying to him now.

I stop the SUV and pull over. I ask DP to look at my left hand, Then I hit him as hard as I can with the right.While he is knocked out, I take the time to strap him to the top the Ford. The air has gotten colder, so we (hopefully) must be close.

After a few more hours of driving. We reach the Detour. I really don't feel like a fight a Wendigo.

So, I think I'll take the Saw part of this game. I meet with the Athabaskan Indians. They ask for a sacrifice. I hand over Deadpool, with his healing factor, he will be fine.

The Tribal Shaman reads my hand and tells me. I need to find a God to follow.

I am blind folded and lead somewhere. All I can tell, it's hot, humid and all I can hear is some weird chanting.

Hours past, I am thirsty and tired. I want to leave but I can't. Then, like some plot point. It happens. He comes to me. My God comes to me.

Zomg, it's Raptor Jesus.

"Henchy, you have found me and now I will lead you. I shall help you become the best Henchman of all time. To show you my power, I grant you one request." Raptor Jesus tells.

I respond, I would like to get even with Chuck for giving me Deadpool for a partner.

"You ask and it shall done, so is the will of Raptor Jesus." He says as he disappears.

I wonder what he did?

Dental for All.

Raptor Jesus rules.


Vegeta said...

people like doing that to Xavier.

captain koma said...

raptor jesus should have his own blog

Jan the Intergalactic Aviator said...

Hah, I love the old leather boot to the reset button trick.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Mags can be reset

Professor Xavier said...

That is just plain unsportsman like, Henchman. Maggot has been begging for a partner. Maybe I'll just reassign Deadpool.

Nathan Petrelli: Bleeding To Death said...

Poor Xavier...Did I just say that? Push him again, Push him again...

Nepharia said...

Xavier, I would be more than happy to nurse any wounds you might have.

captain koma said...

You need a spell checker Henchy. I'm willing to do it for $20 a word.