Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pit Stop

I have other issues to deal with than pay attention to what you little people do. My girlfriend, who’s breasts I paid for and still own, decided to call it quits since I have no interest in procreating with anyone. Vile nasty things, babies. Snotty whiney creatures who lay around in their own filth. A bit like all of you. I’ve been spending my time looking for a new crumpet to invest a nice pair of boobies in, far more important than dealing with the lot of you.

Gyrobo: Nice try at things, I think

Petrelli: Nice effort, we all appreciated seeing your partner run. Perhaps Xavier should make more running challenges for her.

Bennett: I applaud your need to always enforce the rules, even when it’s really dumb to so.

Jan: Would you be interested in a newer nicer pair of breasts? Your transformations have shown me that you would look stunning with a new set. Call my assistant and we can get it set up. *wink*

So which of you losers won?

That would be Bennett, though it was a close finish.

So which of you losers failed, as you all eventually will?

That would be Gyrobo.



Mr. Bennet said...

Well, how did that happen?

Jan the Intergalactic Aviator said...


Congressman Nathan Petrelli said...

Foiled by Bennet again...

LOL When I started reading this post, I thought Hot Wheels was calling off the contest because of woman troubles. LOL

Mr. Bennet said...

I wish people would realize my name only has one T in it. I'm not a Jane Austen character.

Professor Xavier said...

Would you be happier if everyone called you by your code name, Four Eyes?

Nepharia said...

Gyrobo...I still have no takers on oiling up my back...would love to see you in Cancun...

Gyrobo said...

Terri says "hi."