Monday, November 3, 2008

AMR4 - Week 8 - The Final Leg

Well, well. We are down to the final three, my friends. Why is that more significant than the final four? I don’t know. But congratulation to the final three. And to the final four. And to everyone who played. And to everyone who thought of playing but didn’t. And thanks to Simon for being such a berk. And a round of pity applause to Gyrobo and Puck who was the last persons, in the most general sense, to arrive last week.

Actually, reaching the finally three is significant because this is the final leg of the Race! This is it! Winner take all! The first team to arrive wins! The last two teams to arrive don’t! This means it’s time to get off the bench, take off your gloves and step up to the plate!

As usual, the Mutant Massacrer has struck again. Jan managed to put Unus the Untouchable in the Infirmary. Now I have been letting it slide so far that Jan has technically not been complying with the rules in that both members of a team must reach the Pit Stop together in order to complete a leg of the Race. Since none of the so-called “accidents” to her partners were directly her fault, she was not penalized. In order to win the Race however, Jan must reach the Finish Line before the other contestants with her mutant partner. This week her partner will be the Dazzler.

This final leg of the Race starts at Ka-Zar’s lair in the Savage Land. Mr. Bennet with one T gets to Yield his favorite player. Each team will be given 2 jetpacks that they will use to fly to the Falkland Islands.
There a Caribbean Princess cruise ship will be waiting for the contestants.

Each team’s time of arrival on the ship will determine their time of departure from the ship. Once aboard, head for the control room where Captain Steubing will give the Detour for this leg of the Race.

A Detour presents a choice between two tasks, each with their own pros and cons. Once a task has been completed, the contestants must then race to the Pit Stop. In this Detour, the teams must choose between Host and Toast.

In Host, you must mingle with the throngs of humanity known as passengers who have signed up for this cruise in the hopes of love and/or fun. Teams that choose this task must make sure the passengers’ dreams are fulfilled. To win here, at least three passengers must give your team positive marks on the customer satisfaction survey.

In Toast, your team must fend off the raiding hoards of pirates that have been preying on cruise ships off the coast of South Africa. These particular pirates have taken to using unconventional weapons and even super-powered mercenaries on their crews so this task will not be easy. To win this challenge, you must thwart at least three pirate raids.

If a team fails to successfully complete a challenge, they will incur a time penalty, making it very hard to win this race. If . . that is I mean when . . the cruise ship arrives in port at Rio de Janeiro the teams will disembark in the order they reached the ship. Waiting on the dock will be ATV’s, one for each team. Don’t forget your cameraperson.

The teams will then race on their ATV’s through the crowded streets of downtown Rio for approximately five miles to the local chapter of the Hellfire Club. Enter the building and race for the grand ballroom, where I will be waiting to crown the winning team.

Entries must be posted by Friday, midnight, your local time.

Good luck to everyone!


Jan the Intergalactic Aviator said...

Why do I have to make sure she gets to the finish alive? It's not like I'm trying to off my partners, you know.

Nepharia said...

Gosh, has it been 8 weeks already? Time flies when you're not blogging....

Professor Xavier said...

Well technically I didn't see Alison had to be alive, but it would be preferable since she is nice.

Mr. Bennet said...

FYI: I'm yielding....both of them! Oh, I can't? Fine. I yield Nathan.

((My Internet connection has been down lately, so once it's up I'll go ahead and write a Yield post. But I thought I'd let you know who gets the yield now.))

Professor Xavier said...

Poor Nathan. And he was doing so well.